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chocolate is a common noun, referring to food items made from cacao beans. As a noun, it can refer to any type of food derived from cacao beans, including sweet chocolate bars, cocoa powder, and even certain types of drinks. Chocolate is often used as a modifier before other nouns, such as with terminology such as 'dark chocolate', 'chocolate chips', and 'white chocolate'.

1. I love to keep a stash of chocolate in my pantry for special occasions.

2. For this recipe, it's best to use high-quality dark chocolate.

3. The chocolate fountain was the highlight of the party.


'chocolate' might be verb, which means to make something with chocolate. It typically refers to the act of making a dish or dessert with chocolate, such as a chocolate cake or chocolate mousse. However, it can also refer to transforming an ordinary food or beverage into one flavored with chocolate, such as 'chocolating coffee'.

1. I'm chocolating a batch of cupcakes for the bake sale.

2. My students love it when I chocolate my regular hot cocoa recipe.

3. She chocolated the cake with a ganache frosting.

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