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a cloud is a mass of visible condensed water vapour floating in the atmosphere, typically high above the ground. Clouds typically form due to an air mass becoming cooler and the water vapour in the air condensing into visible droplets or ice crystals. Clouds are made up of very small water particles or ice crystals that are in the air.

1. The sky was filled with clouds.

2. He was feeling a bit down, like there was a cloud over him.

when referring to clouds in the context of weather, use 'cloudy', and the accompanying adjectives 'cloudless' and 'cloudy'. For metaphor-related usage, be sure to pay attention to the prepositions used when describing clouds, usually hovering or blocking. In computing, always refer to 'cloud computing' with the noun together, as one entity.


when 'cloud' is used in an adjective-like role, it typically describes something that has the qualities, appearance, or characteristics of a cloud. It can also indicate something that is cloud-related.

The sky had a cloud-gray hue just before the storm.

She wore a dress with a cloud-like softness.

Cloud computing becomes a new trend.

I have uploaded all the files to the cloud storage.

while 'cloud' itself isn't typically used as a standalone adjective, it often forms compound adjectives with other words, as seen in the examples. In modern contexts, especially in technology, 'cloud' can be used in compound terms like 'cloud-based' or 'cloud-native,' referring to services or applications that operate on cloud computing platforms. For example 'Many businesses are transitioning to cloud-based solutions.'

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