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'colloquial' is an adjective that means a word or phrase which is used in an informal manner. These adjectives involve slang, shortened phrases or even made-up words. For example, in the UK, 'brill' is a word used to express happiness or admiration, while in the US, 'sick' is often used to mean great or cool. It is important to note that colloquial adjectives are not typically used in formal settings, and one should avoid using them in professional documents or conversations.

1. 'That’s totally brill!' (brill is a colloquial)

2. 'He looks so sick in that suit!' (sick is a colloquial)

3. 'That’s a real bummer.' (bummer is a colloquial)

be mindful of the context when using colloquial adjectives, as they are generally not appropriate for formal speech or writing.

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