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'companion' is noun which means a person who gives non-professional companionship or conversation to someone, usually to relieve loneliness or boredom. It is a term commonly used to describe someone who is often found in the company of another person to provide emotional support or reassurance.

a companion can refer to either a single person or a collective group of people. In a collective sense, the term can imply congenial or friendly association with others.

Jake's loyal dog, Max, was his faithful companion on every adventure, from mountain hikes to lazy afternoons by the fire.

As they strolled through the art gallery, Sarah and her companion discussed the intricate details of each painting.

It is important to note that a ‘companion’ does not necessarily share the same type of relationship as a ‘friend’, as the former can often assume a more professional or contractual role.


a companion can also be used an adjective to describe something that is held, used, or engaged in together with another.

when used as an adjective, this word typically implies a joint or shared activity or venture.

The couple went on a companion book club.

Cynthia and Felicia enjoy their companion shopping trips.

The couple had companion tickets to the show.

when used as an adjective, this word should not be confused with a 'comrade,' which typically implies military or political association.


as a verb, a companion can refer to a type of action that involves someone engaging or being engaged in a task with another person.

When used as a verb, this word implies a state of solidarity or unity.

Our families companion each other for Sunday dinners.

We eventually decided to companion each other in the project.

it is important to note that the verb companion does not imply a romantic relationship, as it can commonly be used in a familial or platonic context.

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