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'comparison' is a noun that means an assessment of similarity between two or more objects, ideas, people, or situations, based on their shared qualities or characteristics. Comparison is often the first step towards creating better understanding and, potentially, in narrowing the gap of differences.

comparisons have two objects of examination e.g. apples and oranges. Comparisons often require comparing several elements of each object e.g. color, flavor, size. When the objects compared are items of the same type, the comparison often requires a visible demonstration of the similarities and/or differences e.g. Katie is taller than Jenna.

1. We need to make a comparison between our current budget and the budget proposed for next year.

2. She drew a comparison between yesterday's events and the same events from the previous year.

3. The comparison between the cost of living in two cities revealed a striking discrepancy.

pay close attention to the words used to make a comparison. They should be similarity-based adjectives or phrases, and not too subjective. For example, one cannot accurately compare something as 'better, worse, or faster', as these qualitative terms are not reliable for forming a comparison.

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