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a conclusion is defined as a final decision, judgment, or opinion reached after careful consideration of the matter. Its role in the English language is to express the final stage of a process, offering a summation of its key points and providing a sense of resolution. Generally speaking, conclusions are most often used to wrap up a lengthy and complex argument, offering concise summaries to an issue and drawing a definitive conclusion to the argument.

1. After lengthy deliberations, the jury reached the conclusion that the defendant was guilty.

2. After considerable research, doctors drew the conclusion that the virus can survive outside of the body.

3. A successful conclusion was reached at the end of the two-day summit.

when using the noun form of this word, be sure to provide context around the process it is being used to conclude; without it, the sentence may seem unfinished or unclear. Additionally, singular forms of the word (e.g. 'conclusion') should be used when discussing a single, overarching answer to a given problem, while plural forms of the word (e.g. 'conclusions') should be used when referring to multiple conclusions.

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