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condition is a state of health or order, or a set of circumstances or requirements for something to happen or be achieved. It can also refer to a detail or demand placed upon something, such as a condition of a contract.

conditions are generally used to describe a current state of being or a requirement for something in order to occur. Conditions also imply the possibility of change, often with respect to a specific situation. For example, you might say that an object is in ‘good condition’, implying that it could be in different states at different times.

1. The patient is in critical condition.

2. The government has imposed strict conditions on companies receiving bailouts.

3. We need to fulfil the conditions of the contract before we can move forward.

it is important to note that conditions should be used to describe a current state or a necessary requirement for something to happen. Do not use the term condition to imply uncertainty or doubt about a situation or outcome; this should rather be described as a possibility or a probability. Additionally, conditions should be used to relate to facts; using the term to describe opinion should be avoided.


as a verb, 'condition' refers to the act of bringing something into a desired state or influencing behavior. It can also mean to make something subject to a particular condition or prerequisite.

'condition' can be used transitively, meaning it requires a direct object. It can refer to treating or processing something to give it certain qualities. In psychology, it can refer to training or accustoming someone to behave in a certain way or to associate a stimulus with a response.

The leather was conditioned to make it softer and more pliable.

The athlete conditioned his body for the rigorous demands of the sport.

The dog was conditioned to salivate at the sound of a bell.

don't confuse the verb 'condition' with the noun form. For instance, 'He has a medical condition' (noun) vs. 'She conditioned her hair' (verb). In the context of behavior, 'conditioning' often refers to a learned response. Classical and operant conditioning are two primary types of behavioral conditioning in psychology. The term 'air conditioning' or 'conditioned air' refers to the process of treating air to control its temperature, humidity, and cleanliness.

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