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a conflict is a noun that means a struggle between opposing forces, or parties. It is used to describe a wide range of disputes, from physical confrontations to internal differences. Conflicts can exist between individuals, groups, ideas, or ideologies.

The union and the company disagreed on wages but were able to come to a resolution without conflict.

The teachers argued over the best way to teach the subject, but the conflict was eventually resolved.

Religious conflict has been a major issue throughout history.

be aware of how you use language to describe conflicts, as words have power and can influence how people think and behave. Avoid linguistically biased language and instead stick to nouns and neutral words like 'conflict' when describing disputes.


as a verb, 'conflict' means to be in opposition or disagreement with something or someone. It can also refer to the action of clashing or being incompatible.

His statements conflict with the evidence presented.

The two proposals conflict, so we need to choose one.

Her work schedule conflicts with her school commitments.

the verb 'conflict' is often used in passive constructions, like 'is conflicted' or 'was conflicted,' to describe a state of inner turmoil or indecision. For example 'She was conflicted about the decision she had to make.' Don't confuse the verb 'conflict' with the noun form. For example 'The conflict between the two groups escalated' (noun) vs. 'Their opinions conflict' (verb). The verb 'conflict' is typically intransitive, meaning it doesn't take a direct object. Instead, it's often followed by prepositions like 'with' or 'against' to indicate what is conflicting.

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