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a noun is a word that is used to name people, places, things, and concepts. In this capacity, the word ‘country’ is used to talk about the land that is associated with a government or a nation, such as France or The United States. It is also used to refer to the people of a particular nation, such as when referring to the ‘workers in the country’. Generally, a country is viewed geographically and politically but also takes into account language, culture, and history.

1.My family is from a small country in Asia.

2.Many countries have unique traditions and customs.

3.The country of India has a complex political system.

keep in mind that ‘country’ can refer to nations or regions within nations (e.g. the two countries that make up Belize). Also, when referring to people of a certain nation, it is typical to use ‘countrymen’ or ‘countrywomen’ for singular referents and ‘countrypeople’ for plural ones.

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