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courage is the ability to do something difficult or dangerous despite fear or apprehension. It often refers to physical courage such as acting heroically in a dangerous situation or persevering in a challenging endeavour. It may also reference mental courage such as making a difficult decision with conviction even while surrounded by uncertainty or criticism.

courage is used to describe a person's psychological characteristics of having the boldness to confront danger or difficulty, as well as other difficult situations such as physical or mental hardships.

1. It took a great deal of courage to stand up to the bully.

2. She showed incredible courage by volunteering for the dangerous mission.

3. It takes a lot of courage to speak your truth.

it is important to note that courage is not the same as recklessness or foolishness; rather, it is an innate strength and bravery that allows a person to do the right thing or take the necessary risks despite adversity.

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