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'curious' is an adjective that describes a person or situation that might cause bewilderment or confusion. It also describes a person that always wants to investigate and learn. It is also used to refer to something that is strange, peculiar, or unusual.

1. The mysterious markings on the cave wall provided a curious mystery for archaeologists to solve.

2. The conductor was struck by the curious silence of the orchestra just before the first note of the symphony.

3. Toppling over the bookcase, the curious accident left everyone in the room bewildered.

this word can sometimes be confused with 'curative', which is used to describe something that has the power or ability to heal. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to context when deciding which word to use. Additionally, it is important to remember that 'curious' has a positive connotation; the adjective has a more positive, inquiring tone than its synonyms 'strange' and 'weird'.

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