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a dance is a sequence of movements performed to music, often in a social setting. It usually involves coordination between two or more people. A dance can also be a form of physical exercise, or artistic performance.

1. She went to a dance class to learn the latest moves.

2. They performed a sensual dance routine at the recital.

3. He wanted to experience the joy of dance.

it is important to note that when describing a particular style of dance, such as the tango or the waltz, it takes on a different form. For example, 'She danced the tango' or 'He did the waltz'.


as a verb, 'dance' means to move rhythmically to music, using steps or body movements.

1. She danced to the classic jazz tune.

2. He danced away the night with exuberance.

3. They danced until their feet were sore.

since 'dance' is an intransitive verb, it does not need an object. For example, 'He danced' is correct, but 'He danced it' is incorrect. It is also important to note that 'danced' is the past tense of the verb 'dance'.

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