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an adverb is a part of speech that is used to describe, modify, or provide further detail about an adjective, verb, clause, sentence, or other adverb. In the case of 'desperately,' it is used to provide further description to an action that is being carried out with significant intensity or urgency. For example, you could say that someone 'worked desperately,' meaning they worked with a great deal of intensity or urgency.

it is placed directly before or after a verb. It shouldn't be used with forms of the verb 'to be' such as 'is,' 'are,' 'am,' etc.

1. She was running desperately to catch the bus.

2. He finished the race desperately exhausted.

3. She begged desperately for him to stay.

when using 'desperately,' it is important to be cautious of its connotations. The word implies a sense of urgency, but it should not be overused or it could cause the intended effect to be lost. Also, it is important to remember that it shouldn't be used in conjunction with verbs that describe the state of being, such as forms of the verb 'to be.'

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