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'development' is a noun used to describe a stage or progressive growth, typically in the context of physical or intellectual maturation. It can also refer to something that has been formed or made, such as a building or piece of technology.

1. 'The development of her language skills over the past few years has been remarkable.'

2. 'The city council is funding several construction developments this year.'

3. 'Our team is working hard to ensure the development of new technologies.'

'development' is a common spelling mistake, as 'developement' and 'developmnet' are often used instead. It is important to be aware of this when writing or speaking about development. Another pitfall to watch out for when using 'development' as a noun is the tendency to word overload. For instance, it is not necessary to say 'economic growth and development', as these two concepts generally imply the same thing. 'Development' alone is sufficient.

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