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dictionary is a collection of words, generally organized alphabetically, that provide definitions and other information to users. A dictionary is a valuable reference source for those in need of a precise definition. Depending on the level of the dictionary, this information may also include examples of usage, grammar rules, and even etymologies.

a dictionary can be used to look up the meaning of a word, allowing a person to gain a better understanding of unknown terms or phrases. Though usage, grammar, and other functions of words may vary based on context, a thorough dictionary will provide comprehensive information regarding the word in question.

1. My child was reluctant to study for the spelling bee, until I taught her how to use the dictionary.

2. I often consult my dictionary to lookup the difference between British and American spelling.

3. Before submitting my essay, I double-checked the dictionary for any typos or spelling mistakes I may have made.

when using a dictionary to gain information regarding a word, it is important to confirm that the dictionary used is an up-to-date edition with modern language guidelines. It is also important to remember that dictionaries may list multiple definitions and that context can determine which definition is the most appropriate.

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