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dignity is a noun that means an understanding of oneself as being worthy of respect or status. It is a way of embodying authority, honour, and esteem. Dignity is closely linked to notions or ethics and morality. For example, someone who has dignity will most likely value honesty, justice, and humility.

dignity is often used in discussions about individuals or groups with authority or privilege. It can be used to describe the respect that is due to such an individual or group, such as a monarch or a ruling government. It can also be used to talk about the respect and honour that is due to all people.

1. Her linen blouse and tailored trousers gave her an air of dignity.

2. He was determined to maintain his dignity in the face of extreme hardship.

3. She was treated with dignity and respect throughout the difficult situation.

when using dignity to refer to individuals or groups, it is important to use it in a respectful way. Avoid using it negatively as an insult or to belittle someone.

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