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discuss is a transitive verb, which means it requires a direct object to be in the sentence for it to make sense. It is used to talk about exchanging views and opinions, usually in the context of a group discussion. The rules when using discuss as a verb state that the discussion mentioned must involve two or more people, and the topic of the discussion must be clear.

1. We discussed the new policy in the team meeting.

2. My supervisor and I discussed the possibilities of expanding our department.

3. We will be discussing upcoming holiday plans at the next meeting.

when discussing is used as a verb, it implies an exchange of opinions and ideas, rather than simply sharing information. It is crucial to make sure that the participants of the discussion are aware that the discussion is happening. It is also important to remember to clarify the topic of the discussion to set expectations for all involved parties. Common mistakes include using discuss to describe a topic in which only one person is talking and there is no exchange of opinions.

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