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distance is a noun that refers to the physical space between two objects or places. It can also refer to the measure of space representing the amount of space between two things. For example, the momentary or sustained separation of two people can also be referred to as distance. You could also use it to speak in terms of figurative distance, such as the emotional, religious, professional, or political distance between two people.

1. We'll need to gauge the distance of the moon from Earth.

2. He felt an emotional distance between himself and his estranged family.

3. A new national law has created a political distance between two nations.

when using distance as a noun, remember that it is an uncountable noun and thus does not take a plural form. It is also important to note that it can reference physical as well as figurative separation.


distance can also be a verb that means to keep something or someone away from something or someone else. In other words, distance means to maintain a space between two things or people that either already exists or needs to be created.

1. She distanced herself from the rest of the group.

2. We must distance ourselves for safety.

3. The police will distance the fans from the playing field.

remember that when used as a verb, the word 'distance' is often used in conjunction with words like 'ourselves' or 'himself'. When using it, be sure to maintain its verb form in your phrasing.

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