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as a verb, 'does' is the third-person singular form of the verb 'do.'

it is typically used as an auxiliary verb, helping to form questions, negative statements, or compound tenses. For example, 'She does not know what to do.' Here, 'does' is used to form the negative statement. Additionally, 'does' can be used as a main verb in other situations, such as 'She does her homework every day.' Here, 'does' is being used as the main verb.

1. 'She does her homework every day.'

2. 'Do you know what she does?'

3. 'He does not go to school.'

When using 'does' as a verb, it is important to note that the base rule is to use 'do' in the present tense and 'did' in the past tense. Additionally, the verb 'do' should always be used with another verb, such as 'She does her homework.' When using 'does' as a verb, one common mistake is to forget the auxiliary 'do' in the present tense. For example, 'He understand the situation' should be 'He does understand the situation.'

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