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dream is a noun that means events, stories, images, or symbols that appear in the conscious mind during sleep. Dreams can be abstract, bizarre, deeply personal, and often non-sensical. They often reflect a person’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

1. I had a strange dream last night about my grandmother.

2. She often has vivid and extraordinary dreams.

3. My grandpa always says his dreams are too strange to make any sense of.

Some people may use 'dreams' to refer to aspirations and goals, however, this is tec


the verb form of 'dream' refers to an action or an experience that is usually not purposefully planned. It typically takes on a connotation of something that is fleeting and intangible.

1. I am dreaming of a future with fewer economic disparities.

2. He dreamed of going to college, but his family couldn't afford it.

3. The little girl dreams of unicorns and rainbows.

It is important to note that the verb form of 'dream' is used when the subject is not consciously in control of the experience. 'He dreamt of becoming a doctor' implies that he passively imagined himself reaching this goal, while 'He dreamed of becoming a doctor' implies that he actively pursued this goal.

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