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Each is an adjective that refers to individual members of a group denoted by a preceding noun or indefinite article. Its role is to emphasize that each member of that group is being considered individually and not as a collective. When used as an adjective, 'each' generally appears in the singular form and is preceded by an article, such as 'each student,' 'each man,' and 'each apple.'

Each should never be used with a plural noun; rather it should always express individual items in a group. When used in an expression such as 'each of us' or 'each and every one of us,' it is often followed by a singular verb.

1. Each student in the class will be expected to complete the assignment.

2. Each and every one of us deserves to be treated with respect.

3. Each fruit was carefully packed into the box.

Each should never be used with a definite article like 'the.' Additionally, it should not be used with a plural noun or with antecedents like 'any.'

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