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'each other' is a reflexive pronoun phrase that is used to describe a reciprocal relationship between two entities. It indicates that an action or feeling is mutual, meaning both entities are performing the action or feeling towards one another.

They looked at each other with surprise.

The two teams competed against each other for the championship.

They exchanged each other's phone numbers at the end of the meeting.

a common mistake is adding an unnecessary 's' to 'each other,' as in 'each others.' The correct possessive form is 'each other's.' Remember that 'each other' is used for mutual actions or feelings between two entities. If there's any doubt about the number of entities involved, 'one another' might be a safer choice. Avoid redundant phrasings like 'with each other' when the mutual action is clear without it. For example, 'They met up' is clear without adding 'with each other.'

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