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the role of the adjective 'eager' is to modify nouns or pronouns by providing a description of them. Its functions are to emphasize the intensity of a feeling, or to denote a readiness to act. An example of its use case would be 'She showed an eager enthusiasm to learn the new language.' The word eager implies a strong degree of interest in the task. When used as an adjective, the rules to keep in mind include not using the word with a negative connotation. For example, using 'eager' in a sentence such as 'He showed an eager reluctance,' would be incorrect.

1. The eager child asked a million questions during the science lesson.

2. They showed an eager enthusiasm to explore the new places.

3. She had an eager determination to win the race.

tips and nuances to keep in mind when using the word 'eager' as an adjective include not using the word synonymously with impatient, as there is a subtle difference between them. Eager implies enthusiasm or anticipation, while impatient implies frustration or annoyance.

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