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the word 'easy' can be used as an adjective. As an adjective, 'easy' is used to describe something as having little difficulty, effort, or complexity. It can also be used to refer to physical comfort or relaxation.

1. She had an easy smile.

2. He solved the problem with ease.

3. She looked for an easy solution.

Remember that an adjective describes a noun or pronoun, so it should only be used with one. Also be aware of the connotation of using 'easy' as an adjective; it could imply that something or someone is too simple or not challenging enough.


as an adverb, 'easy' is used to modify a verb and describe the manner in which an action is performed. It indicates that something is done with ease, without difficulty or effort.

Go easy on the spices; the kids don't like it too hot.

She takes it easy on the weekends.

Drive easy; the roads are slippery.

The adverbial use of 'easy' is generally considered informal and may not be suitable for formal or academic writing. In formal contexts, you might use 'easily' instead. When used as an adverb, 'easy' often appears in idiomatic expressions or set phrases, such as 'take it easy' or 'go easy on.' Don't use 'easy' as an adverb where 'easily' would be more appropriate in formal writing. For example, instead of saying 'She solved the problem easy,' you should say, 'She easily solved the problem.'

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