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an 'effect' is defined as a result or change of something that has been caused by an action or other influence. It can be used to refer to the outcome of an event, the influence of a particular situation, or even the outcome of a policy or decision. An 'effect' is used to signify something that happened as a result of something else.

1. 'The effect of the new law was astounding.'

2. 'The effect of the teacher’s guidance was immediately evident in the students’ progress.'

3. 'His words had a powerful effect on me.'

when referring to an 'effect' as a noun, the word should be used to refer to the consequence or result of something else. It should not be used to describe the cause of an event.


when referring to 'effect' as a verb, it means to bring about, make happen, or cause something else to happen. It is used to signify the action of making something happen as a result of one’s influence or something else.

1. 'He effected a change in the law.'

2. 'She effected a positive atmosphere in the classroom.'

3. 'They effected a drastic turnaround in their company’s financials.'

it is important to note that 'effect' used as a verb is only used in the active form. It cannot be used in the passive form (e.g., 'A change was effected in the law.') Additionally, 'effect' used as a verb will always be followed by a noun.

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