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as an adjective, 'elaborate' describes something that is intricate, detailed, or developed with a lot of care and complexity.

She wore an elaborate gown to the ball, adorned with intricate lace and sequins.

The scientist presented an elaborate theory, backed by years of research.

The ceremony had an elaborate setup, with decorations covering every inch of the venue.

'elaborate' as an adjective can sometimes be confused with its verb form. Context usually clarifies the intended meaning. It's often used to emphasize the intricacy or detailed nature of something, so ensure that the subject being described truly possesses these qualities.


as a verb, 'elaborate' means to provide more details or to expand on something.

She asked him to elaborate on his plans for the project.

'I think we should be more cautious,' he said, and then proceeded to elaborate.

The professor elaborated on the topic, providing real-world examples to clarify his points.

when using 'elaborate' as a verb, it's often followed by the preposition 'on' when specifying the topic or subject being expanded upon. Avoid using 'elaborate' redundantly. For instance, 'Can you elaborate more on that?' The word 'more' is unnecessary since 'elaborate' already implies providing additional details.

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