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ennui is a noun meaning a feeling of listlessness or boredom. It is used to express a vague and constant feeling of dissatisfaction or a lack of purpose in life. It is often associated with melancholic impressions and a lack of motivation.

when used as a noun, ennui is typically uncountable and refers to a feeling or a general atmosphere rather than a physical object.

1. The combination of heavy rains and work stress had resulted in an unshakeable ennui.

2. A heavy ennui hung over the room, leaving the guests with a lack of enthusiasm for the evening.

3. Harry's ennui was palpable and lasted the majority of the summer.

ennui is typically used in contexts where there is no immediate cause for the feeling of dissatisfaction. It should not be confused with mundanity or lack of interest in a specific event or activity, as ennui implies a general malaise towards life and often carries with it a longing for something more.

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