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The adverb 'eventually' refers to an unspecified point in the future when something will happen or be complete (in contrast to an 'immediate' outcome). It can also be used to indicate further down the line in a sequence of events. It generally implies that the event may take some time, or that intervening obstacles may delay its occurrence.

'Eventually' is typically used to modify verbs and adjectives. This adverb is used to express the idea that something will come to pass at some unspecified point in the future. It can also be used to soften a statement, expressing the idea that something may take some time to be accomplished.

1. I eventually found the answer to the difficult math problem.

2. The team was weak at the beginning, but eventually, they improved their skills.

3. He eventually came to understand the complexities of the equation.

It is important to note that the adverb 'eventually' can often appear in comments that suggest the future result is inevitable, even though it may take some time. This connotation can be further expressed by placing the adverb 'eventually' in the middle or end of a sentence.

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