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every can be used as an adjective to refer to all of the individual members or items in a group or set. For example, when referring to a group of people, you might say 'every student' or 'each student' to refer to all of them. When referring to a set of objects, you might say 'every shirt' or 'each shirt' to refer to all of them.

every is used to refer to all individual items (people, objects, etc.) in a given group or set.

1. Every student in the class raised their hand.

2. She bought every shirt in the store.

3. Every moment we spend together is precious.

when using 'every' to refer to a group of people, it is more appropriate to use 'each' or 'every one' instead. This is because 'each' or 'every one' implies a sense of individual importance and responsibility.

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