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evidence is a noun that refers to facts, data, or other objects used to support a claim or finding. Evidence is commonly used in legal proceedings or scientific studies to prove an argument.

rules and use cases associated with the word when used as a noun include using it to indicate physical objects or data that can be gathered, collected, and observed.

1. 'The evidence from the crime scene proved conclusively that the suspect was guilty of the crime.'

2. 'The evidence at the trial was sufficient enough to acquit the accused.'

3. 'The forensic evidence was essential in helping to make a case against the perpetrator.'

common mistakes associated with the usage of evidence as a noun will include using it to refer to opinions or beliefs, when in reality it only applies to physical objects or data. Additionally, another mistake is failing to use the article 'the' when referring to evidence, as in the examples above.


Evidence can also be used as a verb to denote the process of offering proof in the form of facts or data.

rules and usecases associated with this form of evidence include its use to establish facts in court, in scientific studies, or in everyday conversations.

1. 'The defense team attempted to evidence the innocence of their client.'

2. 'The scientists evidenced that the new formula demonstrated higher efficiency levels than predicted.'

3. 'He attempted to evidence his claims with proof of his successes.'

common mistakes associated with the usage of evidence as a verb will include mistakenly using it in the wrong tense. For example, often people will use 'evidenced' when they actually need to be using 'evidencing.' Additionally, another mistake is failing to use the verb in the correct conjugation; for example, using 'evidence' instead of 'evidences.'

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