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an expensive is something that is of a high cost. It is used to indicate a higher price than the standard, or sometimes compared to other items.

expensive can be used in reference to all types of items, from cars, jewelry, clothing, and the like. It can even be used in reference to experiences, like exotic vacations or fine dining. When using expensive, it should be followed by a description of the item or service that is being referred to.

1. That expensive car was well worth the cost.

2. I went on an expensive vacation over the holidays.

3. She received an expensive diamond necklace for her birthday.

when using expensive, always be sure to include what specifically is expensive, as this helps explain to the reader what is of a high cost. Additionally, when referring to people or services, use more delicate terms like 'pricey' or 'lavish'. This can help avoid any connotations of disrespect or insinuations of negative features.

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