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'exponential' describes a specific type of growth or increase where quantities rise at an ever-increasing rate. It can also refer to something related to an exponent in mathematics.

'exponential' is often used in the context of growth, especially when discussing topics like populations, finance, or technology. In mathematics, it can describe functions or terms raised to a power.

The virus experienced exponential spread in the early months.

The company has been seeing exponential growth in sales since the launch of their new product.

'exponential' is sometimes used in everyday language to emphasize rapid growth or increase, even if the growth isn't technically exponential in the mathematical sense. Be cautious not to overuse the term in contexts where it might not be accurate. Not all rapid growths are exponential. It's different from 'proportional.' While 'proportional' indicates that one quantity is a consistent fraction of another, 'exponential' indicates growth based on a consistent multiplier.

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