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exposition is a noun that typically refers to the explanation or description of a complex idea or concept. It is usually used in reference to an author's detailed explanation of their work or a speaker's detailed explanation of a subject in a lecture or speech. Exposition is often described as part of the process of 'unpacking' a story or a larger concept, in which the writer or speaker takes the time to explain every detail and each part of the bigger narrative.

1. She provided an extensive exposition on the history of human rights movements in the region.

2. The author's exposition of the underlying themes in the novel was fascinating.

3. His eloquent exposition helped us understand the complex concept.

when used as a noun, the first syllable of exposition is pronounced 'ex' as opposed to 'eks', which is how a lot of English learners tend to say it. It is also important to note that exposition is usually not used as a standalone word but rather as part of a phrase such as 'provide an exposition' or 'exposition of (subject)'.

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