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'facially' describes the manner in which an action relates to the face. It can refer to something that is evident by looking at someone's face or something that pertains to the face.

'facially' is used to describe actions or conditions that are related to or evident on the face. It can also be used in legal contexts to describe a facial challenge, which is a challenge that a law or policy is unconstitutional on its face.

She was facially expressive, making it easy to understand her emotions without her saying a word.

The cream should be applied facially twice a day.

The law was facially neutral, but it had a discriminatory impact in practice.

'facially' is not a common adverb and might sound formal or technical in some contexts. It's different from 'superficially.' While 'facially' pertains to the face, 'superficially' pertains to the surface or appearance of something without depth or thoroughness.

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