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as a noun, 'fair' can refer to an event, typically periodic, where goods are sold, or it can denote an exhibition, usually for a specific industry or interest.

used for indicating an event where goods are sold or exhibited and referring to an exhibition or event for a specific industry or interest.

We're going to the county fair this weekend.

The book fair will be held at the convention center.

Many innovative products were showcased at the tech fair.

'fair' as a noun can often be confused with 'fare,' which refers to a fee for transportation or food.


as an adjective, 'fair' can describe something that is just and unbiased, or it can refer to a light shade or color. It can also describe weather conditions or a considerable size.

used for referring to justice, equity, or impartiality; describing a light shade, especially of complexion; indicating moderate or favorable conditions; describing something of considerable size.

It's only fair that everyone gets an equal chance.

She has fair skin and needs to wear sunscreen.

The weather is fair today, perfect for a picnic.

He caught a fair amount of fish on his trip.

'fair' can have multiple meanings based on context, so it's essential to determine the intended meaning from surrounding information.


as an adverb, 'fair' is used to emphasize the directness or completeness of an action.

The arrow hit fair in the center of the target.

The criticism hit him fair and square.

the adverbial use of 'fair' is less common than its adjective and noun forms and often appears in set phrases like 'fair and square.'

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