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faith is a noun that is defined as a strong belief in a religion, a trust or loyalty in someone or something, or a strong belief in a concept without the need for proof or evidence. It can also refer to a group’s shared religious beliefs or a belief in the divine. In English, faith typically appears in the possessive form (my faith, their faith).

1. Her faith in God was unwavering, no matter the situation.

2. The small town had a strong sense of faith amongst its citizens.

3. Our faith guided us through difficult times.

4. Her faith was strong, but she needed proof.

faith is an abstract concept and can be widely interpreted. When using this word, take special care to consider different connotations of faith so your intended meaning is clear.


to faith is to give one’s trust to someone or something. It often implies commitment and absolute loyalty. It also means to accept something without proof or evidence.

1. He’s one of the most reliable people I’ve ever faithed in.

2. Interpreting the ancient documents required faithing in the experts.

3. We faithed in each other, and it’s been rewarded.

to faith is often used in informal contexts and in religious contexts. However, it can possess a strong connotation of trust and have positive connotations across other contexts as well. When using to faith, consider the tone or atmosphere you intend to set.

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