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a fall is an act of falling or dropping to a lower position or level. It can also refer to the season of autumn, when leaves fall from trees and days become shorter. The word is also used to refer to a decrease in intensity or amount.

1. She took a serious fall from the top of the ladder.

2. She experienced a serious fall in her grades this semester.

3. Fall is my favorite season for its mild weather and beautiful landscapes.

when referring to a season, it is appropriate to use 'fall' in the United States, but 'autumn' will be more familiar to speakers in other parts of the world.


fall can also function as a verb to show when an object, individual, or action moves down from a higher point or drops suddenly. It can also be used figuratively when a circumstance, process, or situation declines or deteriorates.

1. She will fall from the bike, if she won't control the handlebars.

2. Support for the bill fell after the scandal broke.

3. He finally fell asleep after hours of tossing and turning.

'fall' as a verb is similar to 'plunge' or 'drop', but is more commonly used to describe something that is an expected result of physical motion or gravity, rather than something that is intentionally done.

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