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Fast is an adjective used to describe something that happens quickly, rapidly, or swiftly. An object or action can be said to be fast. For example, your car may be fast if it goes quickly, or something you did may be fast if it was done rapidly or swiftly.

1. The cheetah was a fast runner.

2. He completed the task in a fast manner.

3. She kept a fast pace during the race.

When used as an adjective, fast does not have to be accompanied by an adverb or other adjective for clarity. It is often used in a comparative manner with other adjectives, such as 'fastest', 'faster', and 'fastly'. Additionally, it is important to note that fast does not have to be used to describe a physical action or object; it can also be used to describe something intangible, such as a thought process, an opinion, or a development in a story, as in 'he came to a fast conclusion'.


Fast is a verb used to describe an action that is done quickly, quickly, or rapidly with or without force. For example, if you say 'He fasted the car,' you are saying that he drove the car quickly. Fast can also be used as a verb to mean to abstain from some type of food, usually for spiritual or health purposes. For example, someone may say 'I fast once a week' to describe a regular fasting schedule.

1. The cheetah fasted across the savannah.

2. We had to fast for four days before the religious ceremony.

3. I fasted for three days after the holiday to help reset my metabolism.

It is very important to note that the verb form of fast will typically take a direct object. This is because it is a transitive verb, meaning it requires an action to be performed on a direct object. Additionally, when used as a verb to describe an action, fast must be accompanied by an adverb or an adjective for clarity.


as an adverb, 'fast' is used to modify a verb, describing the speed or quickness of an action. It indicates that something is happening quickly or at a high speed.

Indicating Speed or Quickness. 'Fast' can be used to describe how quickly an action is performed or how swiftly something moves.

She runs fast.

Time flies fast when you're having fun.

He talks so fast that I can hardly understand him.

When 'fast' is used as an adverb, it often emphasizes the idea of exceeding normal or average speed. 'Fast' as an adverb is usually straightforward, but make sure it's clear what action or movement you're describing as fast. Be cautious not to confuse 'fast' with 'quickly.' While both can describe speed, 'quickly' often implies a short duration, whereas 'fast' focuses more on high speed.

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