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the word 'fastest' is an adjective, which is a type of word used to modify or describe a noun. An adjective describes a noun by providing information about its quality, quantity, size, etc. 'Fastest' specifically describes something that is the speediest or most rapid.

the word 'fastest' is typically used in comparison phrases, comparing two or more things in terms of their speed. For example, 'He was the fastest runner in the race'. In this sentence, 'fastest' is used to compare or rank other competitors in terms of speed.

1. The Ferrari was the fastest car in the race.

2. The fastest train in the world reaches speeds of up to 400 mph.

3. It was the fastest solution we could find to the problem.

it's important to note that the word 'fastest' can only be used when there is a comparison taking place. It should never be written as 'fast', as that would be an incorrect usage. Additionally, the word 'fastest' can be used to compare any type of physical object or action, not just speed.

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