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as a noun, 'feel' refers to a physical sensation or the character of something as perceived by touch. It can also refer to an intuitive or emotional sensation or perception.

1. The fabric has a smooth feel to it.

2. The room had a cozy feel.

3. There's a certain feel to the city at night that I love.

'Feel' as a noun can be synonymous with 'texture' when referring to tactile sensations. It can also be used more abstractly to describe the ambiance, mood, or intangible qualities of an environment or situation. A common phrase is 'get/have a feel for,' which means to start to understand or become familiar with something. In summary, 'feel' as a noun can refer to both tactile sensations and more abstract or emotional perceptions. Recognizing the context in which 'feel' is used will help in understanding and employing its correct form.


the verb 'feel' is usually used to denote touching something or having a physical sensation. It can also be used in an abstract sense to indicate feelings such as worry or sorrow. It can also be used to express opinions and make statements.

rules for using the word as a verb include the use of a direct object, as in the phrase 'I feel the fabric'.

1. He felt the sun's warmth on his face.

2. They felt joy when they received the news.

3. I feel strongly that we should take this opportunity.

It is important to note that the verb form of 'feel' is never followed by the verb 'to be'. It is also important to consider the context of the sentence you are using the word in when determining which verb form is appropriate.

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