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as a noun, 'find' describes something that has been encountered or discovered, either by chance or through a deliberate act of searching. It could refer to a tangible object or an abstract concept that has been located.

She made an incredible find at the second-hand store.

The archeologist documented his find in the journal.

We were delighted to hear of your find.

common mistakes to avoid with 'find' in this capacity include not capitalizing the word if it is the beginning of a sentence. Additionally, it should not be pluralized as 'finds.'


with respect to its role and function in the English language, 'find' is a verb, which conveys action or a state of being. It describes the activity of encountering or discovering something that one may not have been looking for. When used as a verb, the word 'find' is conjugated differently based on the tense being used in a sentence.

I need to find the missing sock.

You will find many new friends at college.

common mistakes with 'find' in this capacity include pluralizing the verb, resulting in 'finds' or 'finding' instead of 'find.' Additionally, it is important to remember the verb should take the same conjugation as the subject of the sentence.

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