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'firm' as a noun typically refers to a business or company.

it's often used in the context of professional services like law or accounting.

She works for a law firm downtown.

The firm has been in business for over 50 years.

Our firm specializes in tax consultancy.

don't confuse the business sense of 'firm' with its adjective sense.


as an adjective, 'firm' describes something that is solid, stable, or not soft. It can also refer to determination or steadfastness.

'firm' can describe physical properties or qualities of character.

The mattress is too firm for my liking.

She has a firm belief in the power of education.

We need a firm foundation for the house.

don't confuse 'firm' with 'firmly.' 'Firm' is an adjective, while 'firmly' is an adverb.


'firm' as a verb means to make something firm or to become firm.

it's often used in the context of making something more solid or stable.

You need to firm the soil around the plant.

The jelly will firm as it cools.

They plan to firm up the arrangements by next week.

'firm up' is a common phrasal verb that means to make more definite or solid.


'firm' can be used as an adverb, though it's less common. It means in a firm manner.

it can describe the manner in which an action is done.

He held on firm despite the challenges.

Stand firm against the pressure.

'firmly' is more commonly used as an adverb than 'firm.'

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