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as an adjective, 'flickering' describes something that is burning or shining in an unsteady or fluctuating manner.

The flickering light from the lantern cast eerie shadows.

His flickering hope was rekindled when he heard the good news.

The room was illuminated by a flickering screen.

when used as an adjective, 'flickering' often adds a sense of mystery, uncertainty, or transience to the noun it modifies.


as the present participle of the verb 'flicker,' 'flickering' describes the action of burning or shining in an unsteady, fluctuating manner. It can also refer to the act of moving quickly to and fro.

The candle was flickering in the wind.

The shadows were flickering on the wall as the fire danced.

The bird's wings were flickering rapidly as it hovered in place.

'flickering' as a verb often conveys a sense of inconsistency or unreliability in the action it describes.

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