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as a noun, 'flock' primarily refers to a group of birds, but it can also be used for other animals like sheep or goats. Additionally, it can refer to a group of people or things.

A flock of geese flew overhead in a V formation.

The shepherd guided his flock of sheep through the valley.

A flock of tourists visited the museum during the holiday season.

while 'flock' can be used for groups of certain animals, other animals have specific collective nouns (e.g., a pride of lions, a pod of whales). 'Flock' can also be used in a religious context to refer to a congregation or group of believers.


as a verb, 'flock' means to gather or move in a crowd or to go somewhere in large numbers.

describing the action of animals, especially birds, gathering together. Indicating people moving or gathering in large numbers.

Birds flocked to the feeder during the winter months.

Fans flocked to the stadium to watch the championship game.

Tourists flock to the beach every summer.

the verb 'flock' often implies a sense of enthusiasm or eagerness in the gathering or movement. It's commonly used in the passive voice to describe a place that attracts many visitors, e.g., 'The park is flocked by tourists every spring.'

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