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'for example' is not a single word but a phrase. As such, it doesn't fit neatly into traditional parts of speech like 'noun' or 'verb.' However, it functions as a transitional or introductory phrase in sentences.

the phrase 'for example' is used to introduce an example that illustrates or supports a point made previously in the sentence or paragraph. It can be used in both formal and informal contexts. It often appears in the middle or at the end of a sentence, but it can also start a sentence.

Many animals, for example, lions and tigers, are carnivores.

There are several ways to approach this problem. For example, we could conduct a survey.

I love tropical fruits. Mangoes, for example, are one of my favorites.

'for example' is often abbreviated as 'e.g.' in parentheses, especially in more technical or formal writing. However, 'e.g.' should not be used in regular prose without parentheses.

Ensure that the examples provided after 'for example' are relevant and directly support or illustrate the preceding statement. Avoid overusing 'for example' in a single piece of writing. Variations like 'such as,' 'like,' or 'including' can be used to introduce examples without being repetitive. Do not confuse 'for example' (e.g.) with 'that is' (i.e.). 'For example' introduces an example, while 'that is' provides clarification or a restatement.

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