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former is used an adjective to describe something that existed in the past, but is no longer in existence or practice at the present time. It can be used to refer to people, places, things, and organizations. For example, one may refer to the former president of a country, the former location of a business, the former owner of a car, or the former members of a club.

1. After the former CEO stepped down, the company hasn't been the same.

2. She is living in her former home town.

3. The former champion of the tournament has retired.

it is important to note that the word 'former' is not interchangeable with similar words such as 'old' or 'previous.' Additionally, it is important to remember to use the word 'former' instead of 'late,' as they are different and have different connotations. For example, it would be incorrect to refer to a late spouse as a 'former' spouse, as that would imply they are no longer alive.

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