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a formidable adjective describes something that is impressive and intimidating. It typically implies great strength, skill, and power. In order for something to be described as formidable, it must not only be powerful or strong, but also it must be difficult or intimidating to overcome.

formidable is most often used to describe physical objects (such as a formidable mountain) or physical characteristics (such as a formidable opponent). It can also be used in a figurative sense to describe abstract concepts such as fear.

1. The formidable mountain range provided a challenge for the hikers.

2. His formidable opponent made it difficult to win the match.

3. The physical pain was accompanied by an even more formidable mental anguish.

when using the word formidable, it is important to avoid the formidably and formidableness versions of the word, as these do not exist. Additionally, when using the word in a figurative sense, take care to avoid connotations of fear or intimidation.

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