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it's worth noting that 'forth' is rarely, if ever, used as a preposition in modern English. Its primary function is as an adverb. However, in older texts or in a very formal style, it might be seen with a prepositional function.

when used in a prepositional sense, 'forth' would indicate the movement out from something.

He drew his sword forth from its sheath.

in contemporary English, it's more common to use 'from' or another preposition in places where 'forth' might have been used in older texts. It's essential to be aware of the context and the style of the text when encountering 'forth' as a preposition.


as an adverb, 'forth' describes the action of moving forward or onward in time, place, or order.

'forth' is often used in idiomatic expressions or in conjunction with verbs that indicate movement. It can refer to moving forward in a physical sense or in a figurative sense, such as progressing in a sequence or process.

He set forth on his journey at dawn.

From that day forth, she vowed to change her ways.

The teacher called the students forth one by one.

'forth' is not to be confused with 'fourth,' which is an ordinal number. In modern English, 'forth' is less commonly used on its own and is often found in set phrases like 'back and forth.'

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