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as a noun, 'forward' is primarily used in sports contexts to refer to a player positioned near the opposing team's goal.

The team's star forward scored three goals in the match.

We need a new forward to strengthen our offense.

The coach is training a young forward for the next season.

remember that as a noun, 'forward' is mostly limited to sports contexts.


as an adjective, 'forward' describes a direction or position in front or towards the front.

The forward compartment of the ship was damaged.

He always sits in the forward section of the classroom.

The forward momentum of the project is impressive.

don't confuse 'forward' with 'forwards.' Both can be correct, but 'forward' is more common in American English, while 'forwards' is more common in British English.


as a verb, 'forward' means to send or transmit something to a further destination or to a more advanced state.

Please forward the email to the entire team.

I will forward your concerns to the management.

She forwarded the cause of environmental protection.


as an adverb, 'forward' describes a movement or position towards the front or in the direction that one is facing.

He stepped forward to receive the award.

The clock moved one hour forward.

We must think forward and plan for the future.

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