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the primary function of the adjective form of 'free' is to describe a noun that has been relieved of a cost or obligation, or is unrestricted or liberated from confinement. It can also be used to refer to something that is unrestricted in terms of movement or availability, such as 'free access'.

1. All of the store’s items are free of charge.

2. We were granted free entrance to the museum.

3. The lake is free of pollution.

it’s important to keep in mind that while the adjective form of 'free' can be used to refer to something that has been relieved of a cost or obligation, it is not interchangeable with the adverb form of 'freely'. While they may be used in similar contexts, they have subtle differences that should be taken into account.


the primary function of the verb form of 'free' is to refer to action that results in something being relieved of a cost or obligation, or being released or liberated from confinement. It essentially means to unbind or set at liberty.

1. Free the animals from the circus.

2. We need to free our minds from everyday worries.

Additionally, when 'free' is used as a verb, a prepositional phrase usually follows, such as 'freed from' or 'freed of'.


as an adverb, 'free' describes an action done without cost or payment. It can also indicate that something is done without restriction or hindrance.

The application can be downloaded free from the official website.

The birds flew free after being released from their cage.

Children under 12 eat free at this restaurant.

when using 'free' as an adverb, it's important to ensure that it modifies a verb, indicating the manner in which the action is done. Avoid redundancy. For instance, 'free of charge' essentially means 'free,' so saying 'The seminar is available free of charge' is more concise than 'The seminar is available for free of charge.' 'Free' as an adverb can sometimes be confused with its adjective form. For clarity, ensure that the sentence structure makes it evident that 'free' is describing the manner of the action, not the subject itself.

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